About us

The story begins back in 1946, when the founder of Hitzinger, Dipl.-Ing. Walter Hitzinger, setup a repair shop which rapidly transformed into a major electric machine construction firm. Hitzinger has for many years committed to providing absolute quality through all of its product range, including 50/60Hz Diesel Generators, 400Hz Airport Ground Power Units and Airport Ground Power, Rotary Diesel UPS Systems (DRUPS), Frequency Converters and Alternators. Our production facility has been based in Austria, Linz since 1946 and today covers the entire range with 3 separate production plants providing high quality throughout.

Hitzinger UK, a daughter company to Hitzinger GmbH, was founded in 2000 and aims to support the UK and Ireland offering not only 24hr/365day support for all our systems, but also support through the life of the project with detailed design, project management and commissioning.


Competence and experience

  • Offering a turn-key tailored solutions that meets your exact requirements
  • From electrical design to commissioning, our specialist's provide a complete power solutions product
  • Rotating Electrical machinery including converters, alternators, rotary diesel UPS, airport ground power and diesel generators

Experience and development

  • 60-years if alternator design and build for multiple applications across the world
  • Generators tailored to suit in all environments
  • Coverage of the entire airport ground power requirements