Frequency Converters

The tailor-made Hitzinger Frequency converters offer a reliable quality power supply, and are designed to meet individual requirements. Hitzinger Frequency converters have been used worldwide in a variety of different situations including automatic process, control for ships, aircrafts, radars and computer systems. The Hitzinger Frequency converters are available in many different construction variations, special mono-bloc designs available with anti friction bearings, two bearing designs, common excitation systems, horizontal or vertical mounting arrangements to meet every criterion.


Design and Development


Hitzinger Frequency converters development is focused upon wear-free and maintenance-free designs for all types of situations and environments, they distinguish themselves not only in their superior technical conception, but most of all with their proven reliability. Hitzinger Frequency converters make electrical power in every form and quality and are available in many different construction variations, which include Special mono-bloc designs available with,

  • Anti-friction bearings
  • Two bearing designs
  • Common excitation systems
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting arrangements to meet every criterion.

External ConvertersExternal Converter


The Hitzinger external converters are mounted upon the base frame and includes integrated air inflow and outflow openings either side. The noise level is rated at 65dB(A) and protected to IP44. The converters are tailor built to meet all requirements and applications.


System Specifications

  • Frequency range 16.66 Hz - 800Hz DC Voltage 12V - 1000V AC Voltage UP to 12 kV Ratings from 5kVA to 3000kV

  • Minimal dimensions

  • High efficiency

  • Low sound level

  • High sustained short circuit current

  • Many different variations …robust and reliable during operation

  • Silent running Tropical- and seawater- proof insulation

  • Short interruption ride through capability

400KVA Converter with external Control


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