G POWER stationary

The Hitzinger G-Power is designed to accommodate all applications including; railway vehicles, hospitals, industrial complexes and for military applications. At the heart of the generator is the Hitzinger designed and manufactured alternator, benefitting from over 60-years of design. Hitzinger are a leading supplier of Diesel Generators and today pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality together with safety and reliability to meet your exact requirements.
Hitzinger’s turn-key solutions, provides detailed design solutions from concept to delivery and commissioning and after sales care through the life of the system. The Hitzinger Diesel Generators have been deployed throughout the world and specifically designed in conjunction with military specifications, proving optimised exhaust emissions, sound suppression, resilient shock and vibration mounts, reduced maintenance and increased efficiency.

Power Range

With multiple solutions available, the Hitzinger Diesel Generators come in a power range of anything up to 3300kVA, with a voltage of up to 11kV