To ensure business continuity is unaffected, Hitzinger offer Rotary Diesel UPS systems (DRUPS) specifically to accommodate the IT power supply in many applications. Using our own design and manufacture facility, we offer our every own alternator which benefits from over 60-years of design in the UPS market. The Diesel Rotary UPS is a combination of Diesel engine, Alternator and Kinetic storage module that connects through to a coupling chokes in-line with the mains supply. The Rotary Diesel UPS (DRUPS) provides a clean sine wave to the consumer and conditions the mains supply during stand-by operation. The synchronous motor combination (alternator and kin) and coupling choke suppress harmonics, correct power factor to approximately unity, protect against voltage sags and spikes and corrects unbalanced loads to ensure optimum supply to the consumer.

In-case of mains failure, the stored kinetic energy inside the KIN-module is used to maintain the speed of the alternator (1500rpm) and provides time for the diesel engine to start and once up to synchronous speed, become the driving force of the alternator for long term supply. This transfer of energy is accomplished using inner and outer windings, one for charging and the other for energy release. The outer rotor of the kinetic storage module and used to store the energy, rotates freely on the inner shaft at 2700rpm, almost twice as fast as the alternator shaft at 1500rpm.

Technical data

Power classes

Power up to 3000kVA (Dual output options available) with voltages up to 11kv direct generator or via step-up transformers. Hitzinger DRUPS offer extremely low TCO costs using high efficient designs that are also very resilient.

Design options are available to suit a range of applications, including containers, acoustic canopies of internal installations.